7 Survival Ideas You Never Thought About

7 Survival Ideas You Never Thought About

There’s no doubt that preparing for an SHTF scenario is not something you can do in a week or two. It takes time, a little bit of money and a little bit of work.

Only problem is that the more we know, the more we feel like we know. So we start absorbing information like a sponge. We end up learning things that we’ve never even considered back when we were unawakened. Some of these things may even be considered weird by the average Joe but we know better.

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I have a few interesting survival ideas for you that I think you might like. These are not the common sense ones as that everyone’s talking and writing about. The ones in this article are meant to not only help you but to make you say:

Ahh, I never thought about that. That’s clever!

Ready? Let’s get started with #1.

Idea #1: A Clever Way To Rotate Your Food Stockpile

If you’re stockpiling some of your food under the bed, there’s a neat little trick to easily rotate it. Always deposit the cans on one side of the bed and remove them from the other. This process will naturally push the older ones through and cause you to take the oldest can when you want to use one.

Pretty neat, right?

Idea #2: Need A Dog To Protect Your Home?

Don’t spend hundreds, or even thousands, of dollars on one. There are plenty of dogs in need of adoption that are going to be great friends and faithful protectors.

When you go to the shelter, consider selecting the biggest and strongest dog instead of the cutest, most cuddly puppy. Most people don’t do that as they’re mainly looking for companions.  Not only do the older dogs need love too, but they’ll be an immediate improvement to your home security system.

Idea #3: A Family Photo…That Hides A Secret

Let’s say you buried some of your valuables somewhere on your property. You obviously want to remember exactly where that place is but you don’t want to write it down or leave any marks or clues. How do create a reminder so that only you and your immediate family know the exact location?

Easy. Just take a photo of your loved ones standing on the exact same spot where you’re supposed to dig. Make copies of the photo and have everyone keep it in their wallets and bug out bags. No one will ever know or guess the true purpose of those photos…

Idea #4: Use These Part-Time Weapons To Escape An Attacker

We all know that a having a gun is a great way to provide for your own self-defense. But what if we can’t reach it in time or, even worse, your local laws prevent you from carrying in public? Try out some of the items on my “part-time weapons” list. These are everyday items that can be used to successfully inflict pain and give you those much needed seconds to escape your attacker:

Pens, car keys, high-heeled shoes, bandanas, lollipops – those are all great everyday tools that can be used to hit some of the most vulnerable parts of the human body: the eyes, the cheek, the nose, the groin and so on.

Idea #5: Clean Your Teeth With Baking Soda

It’s obvious that, post-disaster, maintaining good personal hygiene is going to be tough. Keeping your teeth healthy is one of those challenges that, fortunately, has a simple solution: baking soda.

And the recipe for homemade toothpaste is dead-simple. Just mix half a teaspoon of baking soda with half a teaspoon of water until they form a paste. Use a lid to make it. That’s it; all you have to do now is dip your toothbrush inside and start brushing!

(As a side note, baking soda is also known for whitening teeth naturally. Use it for at least a week once a day and notice the results.)

#6. Stock Up On Condoms – They Have Many Uses

The interesting thing about condoms is that they can aid you procuring food, water, they can help you make shelter and – yes –even help you start a fire.

This last use is very interesting. All you need is a condom and some water. Fill the condom with water, tie it up and use it as a magnifying glass to focus the solar flares on some tinder (you will need good tinder, such as straw or tinder fungus).

#7. Light A Wet Match

If you have matches that got wet for whatever reason and you don’t really have dry wood to help you start a fire, there is another way…provided that you have access to direct sunlight and a flashlight.

The trick is to disassemble the flashlight, take out the reflective part and stick one of your matches inside, with the flammable end sticking out where the light bulb used to be. Now hold the flashlight in direct sunlight until the match dries up and starts flaming. You’ll need to quickly remove the match when that happens!

Wrap-Up – Were These Survival Ideas Useful?

Of course, these are just a few of the tricks, tips and tactics that only smart preppers know. When you think about it, there are numerous items that have countless uses (and in many cases save your life). Condoms are such an example, then there’s duct tape, paracord, tampons, chap stick, bandanas, zip ties, bungee cords and even tin cans.

Stay safe and don’t forget, it’s not just about digging for unique survival ideas but also about your set of skills (read more on them here and here).

7 Survival Ideas You Never Thought About

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Guest Poster: Dan Sullivan
His dad was military. His grandfather was a cop. They served their country well. But Dan doesn't take orders from anyone. He's taking matters into his own hands. He's not just preparing, he's going to friggin' war!
  1. Self Defense: Firearms are, of course the most effective (and lethal) self protection devices but not everyone has a firearm near at hand when an emergency arises. A non-lethal, ‘legal’, self protection device is the common spray can of wasp or hornet spray. Check the can for the effective range. Spray it into the face and eyes of an assailant for temporary protection to allow you to escape or find a more effective protection device.
    For years I carried a can of wasp spray and a machete above the entrance door of my motor home. If I accidentally opened the door to an assailant it would have been a major assist in the emergency.

    • Careful with the wasp spray. Most of the labels have a line that reads “It is a violation of federal law to use this product in a manner inconsistent with its labeling” – or something similar. Having wasp spray stored in a situation where you are ‘ready’ to use it may cause legal action to come your way, despite the intruder’s transgressions.

      • Why not have wasp spray above the RV entry? I note those sort of pests always seem to hang around MY door… As for the attacker, I was terrified and grabbed the closest thing to hand, just happened to be the wasp spray which was meant to keep wasps out of the RV.

        • I absolutely agree with John. If an assailant attacks me, I’m going to get the most lethal thing I can find. I once used on iron bar on a man. I didn’t care. He attached me; nuff said.

          • the assailant was dressed as a giant wasp your honour…

          • But the assailant was dressed as a giant wasp your honor….

        • Wasp spray is not effective. Plenty of videos online with the comparison of wasp spray and real OC spray. Test member sprayed with wasp spray went through entire obstacle course.
          OC spray put the guy out of commission. Until you have been sprayed. You’ll never understand

      • It is also a violation of law to use a gun in a manner ” inconsistent with its labeling”.

  2. Ok, color me interested. How do condoms help you gather food and build shelter?

    Yes, condoms can hold and transport water, but only about a cup, unless you can fill them under pressure. I prefer the non-lubricated/non-spermicidal ones for survival usage.

    • You can use a condom to hold more than water (berries, etc). As for building a shelter – you can use it as an elastic band of sorts to hold a tarp or other piece of structure in place. Obviously, you can use a water filled condom as a lens to generate fire (it’s definitely possible – I’ve done it).

      You’re right though – the non-lubricated, non-spermicidal ones are best for this type of use.

      • I always carry a large (“engineers”) bandana, which, among other things, would be better for carrying solids (holds more, easier to fill, less sensitive to punctures). The elastic band (strap) concept is interesting. An alternative to the slices of inner tube I use.

  3. There are plenty of rescue does out there also. Gray hounds are a good choice. They can protect and HUNT. You will never go hungry with a rescue gray hound. they are already trained to go after rabbit. I talked to a lady that had a rescue gray hound. She said the forgot about what kind of dog is was and let it off it’s leash one time. Before they could catch the dog it had rand down and killed 3 or 4 rabbits. They didn’t do that again.

    • Couldn’t agree more on the rescue dog situation, Elwyn. Both my pups were pound rescues. One’s a black lab and one’s a pit/lab mix. Of course, those are assumptions since they were both rescued, but we’re pretty certain. Great dogs and you can see they are genuinely happy to have a home and a fresh start. As for the greyhounds – I know a few people who have them and they love them. You do need to exercise them – ALOT – though!

  4. All of my bandanas have a tight little ‘knot’ I make using synthetic thread by wrapping and sewing(I first start the thread by sewing through the bandana, then wrap a few times around the fabric before running the needle though again) about 1/4 inch of the corner. The process is similar to how some of the older Boy Scout manuals used to show a method for fixing the frayed end of a shoelace(I do not know if they still show this or not). This makes it easier to use the bandanas for a number of uses.

    For quick self defense, they make a nasty surprise weapon when you do the old towel-snap ‘thing’ – especially if you hit the face. Done right, they WILL draw blood or put out an eye(or at least disable your attackers vision, if not his focus on attacking).

    It also makes for an easy four-point carry-all for picked berries, leaves, etc. – you just use a small piece of paracord with a slip-knot around all four corners and pull it tight, then loop the loose end of paracord around your belt.

    I started doing this because I noticed that all my bandanas had torn corners from being tied around my head as sweatbands, and didn’t want to waste them. The other uses just sort of grew out of necessity and inspiration. I have dozens of uses for them with this one simple improvement – see how many you might come up with….

  5. I have used baking soda for years to clean my teeth. It gets them clean and fresh but without the disgusting mint taste and toxic junk. No more gross flavors after brushing. No to mention it is way cheaper than crest

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