We are now making room for a very limited number of advertisers.  Room is reserved for ten, and only ten, banners in the 300 x 58 size on the right margin. We’ve standardized on 300 x 58 because it will create a uniform look to the blog and allow all advertisers reasonable exposure.

A Unique Advertising Model

Most sites sell higher positions for more money. Suburban Steader is taking a different approach by charging a flat fee (with a discount for long-term buyers) and ad positions are rotated every week. New advertisers start at the bottom of the stack and each week the top position is rotated to the bottom to allow all advertisers equal time at various positions on the site for one low rate.

Only 10 Positions Available

We have twelve slots to run banner ads in, but only ten are available.  We reserve one for the site’s personal use and one will be donating to a worthy charity or person. We take no preferential treatment in the rotation with our own slot – it will be rotated from top to bottom just like all the other advertisers.

This approach gives our sponsors a laser targeted audience. Pricing is as follows:

  • 1 Full Year (12 months) is only $145.00 (just about $12 per month)
  • 6 Months is only $75.00 (just $15 per month)
  • 3 Months is only $60.00 (just $20 per month)

Sponsored and Non-Sponsored Posts

Many folks have contacted us about sponsored posts.  We are very much interested in this kind of advertising and have put together a tiered pricing structure for these kinds of posts.

Sponsored Post

This kind of post will speak directly about your site (typically site content) and has at least two links, each to separate pages on your site.  Seeing as this post will remain on the site for perpetuity, we would expect roughly a 3yr fee.  At the same time, we understand that it is not a banner advertisement seen on the side every page.  All the being said, a sponsored posts costs only $290.

Non-Sponsored Post

This kind of post does not talk about your site directly and will have a minimum of one link to your site.  As with the sponsored post, this type of post will remain on the site for perpetuity.   That being said, this post is not a direct advertisement for your site and, as such, the fee would be cut to $200.

If you were to write the post, we would apply a roughly 25% discount on each so the costs would be $220 or $150, respectively.

To Apply As An Advertiser

Suburban Steader views advertising on our site as a true endorsement. Hence, we will NOT accept all advertisers. In order to be approved, you must follow the instructions outlined below. We will not accept any advertiser unless we am willing to vouch for your company and your product.

  1. Email the page you want your banner to link to and a copy of the banner you plan to use (if you have one) to  info AT suburbansteader DOT com. Also include the term you want to initially sign up for.
  2. Once you are accepted (it should not take more than 3-4 days), we will notify you and let you know where to send payments to via PayPal. Or, if you prefer, you may pay by check or silver but it will take longer to get your ad running.
  3. With in 24 hours of receipt of your funds and your ad banner, we will begin running your ads for the agreed upon term.

Contact us at info AT suburbansteader DOT com if you have any questions.

(Thanks to Jack at The Survival Podcast and Mike at The Backyard Pioneer for inspiring this policy.)