Martial Arts: Boosting Self-Confidence In Your Kids

Martial Arts: Boosting Self-Confidence In Your Kids

The roots of martial arts date back to roughly fifteenth century China. In thousands of years, the various forms of martial arts have scored a high popularity all over the world among adolescents, elders, and children.  The art is also a great means of unarmed combating or self-defense, which makes martial arts the best choice for child and women. It makes them capable, confident, introspective and develops leadership qualities.

Making the learner physically, mentally and emotionally strong is the natural extension of martial arts. The art enables the next-generation to reach their goals efficiently with high self-esteem and self-confidence. That’s the reason parents are increasingly favoring martial arts and want their children to advance in their life with proper training.

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There are many training centers operating worldwide that offer different forms of martial arts training to the young adults, kids, and elders. Premier Shooting & Training Center in Cincinnati, OH is one of them.

Eliminate Timidness And Shyness

The kids who are introvert, quiet and calm find it extremely difficult to communicate with their peers, teachers or friends. That’s why they are often overlooked in school and social environments, which inhibits their growth and puts them off.

Making such shy children come to the martial arts training center is a hard nut to crack. But somehow, if parents manage to make them head to the center, the martial arts instructors can turn the first visit to the center into the exciting and powerful lesson of empowerment.

The encouragement and appreciation improve the self-confidence in kids.

Deter Bullies

Bullies really hurt and give a feeling of helplessness. Kids who suffer from the emotional abuse of bullying sometimes get emotional scars that take a lifetime to heal. It’s agonizing for the parents.

With martial arts training, the bullying can be stopped not by making the kids powerful enough to fight. Instead, martial arts teaches them how to properly address the physical and verbal confrontation within the limits. It aids the kids in getting control over themselves and bullies, which in turn builds up their confidence.

Explore New Opportunities

Children with a shy nature rarely accept new challenges or try new experiences in life. The low self-esteem doesn’t allow them to learn new things or acquire skills. Martial arts training can turn that attitude around into a winning one.

Martial arts teaches children to think clearly, logically and creatively which allows them to tap into the full potential of an opportunity and potentially reaps its advantages.  This momentum, in turns, builds confidence.

Create Leaders, Not Loners

More often than not, children find it easier to follow than lead. Martial training helps them change this mentality by implementing confidence. When they learn martial arts among several kids, they start interacting with them and showing their skills.  The tests conducted after the practice generates a team spirit and leadership qualities in them.

Remove Peer Pressure

Few children are able to express themselves without the dread of what their peer thinks about them. The trap of peer pressure won’t let them do what they want to do and perform to their ultimate ability.

Martial arts training infuses essential strength in children that teaches them how to avoid dangers or temptations without making compromises with their values and spoil their character. The moral values instituted in martial arts training always keep the children in a high moral position and uplift their self-confidence.

The Perks Of Martial Arts Training

Martial arts is more than simple self-defense. It’s a mindset that helps children accomplish their goals by building self-confidence. The positive experiences and the guidance of the instructors allow the children to reach their goals without getting engulfed in peer pressure, reduce the effect bullies have on them and build strong, self-confident individuals.

Martial arts training addresses all the problems and reinforces self-confidence in children.  It also instills a strong fitness regimen. It’s time to make your child push their limits and strive for the success so that they can easily turn the setbacks and problems of the life around.

Do you want your kids to ascend to the next level with these qualities? If so, let your child become a martial artist with improved physical and psychological strength.

Martial Arts: Boosting Self-Confidence In Your Kids

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Guest Poster: James Lentz
Jim has over 20 years of experience in martial arts, self-defense, and personal training in addition to private investigative and security fields. He is also a certified NRA Instructor. Jim has attended and is certified in numerous specialty schools, only a few listed below: NRA Certified Firearms Instructor – CCW (Conceal Carry Weapons) Instructor, Kenpo Jiu Jitsu Instructor 2nd Degree Black Belt (Nidan), Shootfighting Instructor (Kiha-Go), Hojutsu 1st degree Black Belt (Shodan), Lecturer for Women’s Self Defense Programs, Extensive Wrestling and Military Combatives Knowledge. In addition to his training, Jim served 6 years in the U.S Marine Corps Reserve as a Military Policeman and attended the University of Cincinnati majoring in criminal justice.
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