Write For Us!

Do you love to share your favorite homesteading and prepping tips, tricks and know-how?

I built SuburbanSteader.com with one purpose: providing suburbanites with the confidence and know-how to become more self-reliant. If you are looking to gain experience, digital exposure and connection to your own online platform then partnering with SuburbanSteader.com is an ideal situation for you!

Here’s the basics:

  • Word count: I like to have substantial articles on SuburbanSteader.com.  What does that mean to you? Posts should be a minimum of 600 words; 800-1,000 words is preferred.  There’s really no maximum, but run-on articles may be subject to editorial discretion.
  • Tone: We like to keep it fun and educational. Take a look at our current blogs to get an idea of my writing style. Generally, I try to make my stories positive and accessible for my audience – stories which rely on fear-mongering about TEOTWAWKI and other doomsday-esque topics do not do as well as a piece that don’t rely on these (admittedly) possible scenarios while still being instructional and helpful. I want content that is well-written and provides value to the self-reliant and self-sufficient audience.
  • Original content: Postsmust be unique to SuburbanSteader.com. Please do not submit stories you are shopping to other blogs or even post on your personal blog. If you find information elsewhere to help out your article, please cite the source; no plagiarism, please.
    • With this in mind, I’m not looking for stories that are intended to boost back-linking for you, your clients or are inundated with keywords. The stories must not only be original, but also readable.

What’s in it for you?

I do not compensate my writers, but I do allow up to two backlinks to your site in the article.  In addition, there is an author bio section at the bottom of each post that links to your site and social profiles.  I’ll also post on social media when the article goes live, linking to you and giving you credit for writing the article.  Any and all affiliate links will be for SuburbanSteader.com.

Writing for SuburbanSteader.com exposes you to a large, preparedness and homesteading-minded audience.  It also provides a great opportunity to expand your portfolio.

How do I submit?

I no longer accept document attachments, so once approved, you’ll be provided access to our backend where you can write articles and submit for publishing. I will work with you on images for your blog.

  • A note on editing: By submitting your article, you agree to any changes I decide to make. Grammar and style corrections will be made in-house. You will consulted regarding any substantial changes to content and, if major changes are required, your article will be rejected for rework and resubmission.

How do I become a contributor?

I love new contributors! Fill out the form below and I will contact you within a few business days. Please include potential blog topics, your expertise in the aforementioned area and your writing experience. Be sure to distinguish how your submission will be different if I have previously posted about the same topic.

Love writing but not sure what to write about? Let me know what you’re interested in and I’ll let you know if there’s a fit!

If accepted, I will provide a style guide for writing. After your first blog, I’ll work with you on a mutually agreeable schedule (if that’s something you’re interested in).